9/16 & 17 Rita’s workshops

Shantih Shala Holistic Arts

proudly presents

Rita Malvone,

Peacock Management Consulting



Rita’s intensive 2-day training:

“Working ON Your Business,

not IN it”

9/16 & 17 (Sat & Sun)

10:30~12:30 @ Zoo Coffee


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Workshop introduction:


“Working ON Your Business, not IN it”

Day 1: What is it you want to do?

This workshop is about truly understanding your company; what it started as, what it is now, and what you want it to be… and are you focusing on the things needed to get it there? We will end with a vision and a mission… then use the next session to understand how to get there.

Topics covered include:

  • Agenda rules
  • ‘On’ versus ‘in’
  • Vision and mission


Day 2: Is the work you are doing relevant?

Is the work you do relevant? Are you doing the right things to achieve your goals? Let’s investigate your “ideal state” so you can compare to your current state and adjust as needed.

Topics covered:

  • Intro to relevance
  • Phony and deliverable activity
  • Sanity check


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Who can benefit from these workshops?

  • Anyone who is leading their own company or a company/department/organization….
  • Entrepreneurs, business owners
  • Those who wishing to improve their focus, maximize performance and work smarter
  • Anyone looking to learn better organizational, management and leadership skills


We highly recommend you attend the 2 workshops to maximize learning and allow for a deeper understanding.



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About your facilitator, Rita Malvone,

Peacock Management Consulting

Strategist / Change Manager / Negotiator




Rita Malvone is a dynamic trainer, facilitator, and strategist with nearly 20 years of global supply chain experience with global Fortune 500 companies across multiple disciplines.

After successfully demonstrating global Purchasing leadership across a buy of over $2.1B USD, Rita moved into strategic planning at Ford Motor Company, serving as an internal consultant for the fledgling Asia Pacific Purchasing team. In this role, she facilitated both regional and global purchasing and supplier quality leadership teams through a nine-month organization effectiveness evaluation, which has resulted in improved efficiency, increased headcount, and realignment of objectives. She was the in-house facilitator for all regional leadership meetings, driving strategic planning and engagement.

Simultaneously, Rita developed the Purchasing Training Curriculum for Ford Motor Company’s Asia Pacific operations, including launching over 50 cross- functional courses for beginner and intermediate buyers. At the time, more than 50% of the Purchasing staff had less than 2 years of experience. Training was critical. Rita created a consortium of regional Training Coordinators based in China, India, and Thailand, and consistently rolled out curriculum across the region, to ensure aligned development for all. She also developed courses for other functions in the region to help them understand the Purchasing role and better align the interactions to gain more efficiency for all.

After leaving Ford, Rita has been independently facilitating and training throughout Asia, focusing on driving more strategic thinking and behaviors in supply chain leadership. She is based in China where there is a constant need for continuous improvement.

Rita’s training and facilitation background includes creating and delivering a multitude of cross-functional courses, including: Policy and Procedure, Strategic Thinking, Supply Chain Management, Train-the-Trainer, Negotiations for Beginners, Organization Effectiveness, Strategic Planning, and Change Management.

Her courses are engaging and seek active participation using tools that stimulate conversation and opportunity in a safe environment.

With her in-depth global supply chain experience, 5 years of experience living in China, and presence front of room, she is able to bridge cultural barriers, elicit those tough questions, and answer with relevant, real examples.

Rita has a BSBA with a concentration in Marketing and International Management from Boston University’s Questrum School of Business. She holds an MBA in Marketing from Wayne State University. Originally from New York, Rita is an active Rotarian in Shanghai and has lived in China for 5 years.



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More about Rita’s experience:



I started solving organizational problems at Ford Motor Company by successfully building and executing a first-of-its-kind strategic consulting project for their APAC region and managing two teams of my own. Since then, with my 20 years’ experience in strategy development and implementation, I founded Peacock Management Consulting and have been solving real issues for companies in China starting with a diagnosis and ending with hands on implementation. I am a firm believer that working on your business is equally as important as working in it; and strategic development and continuous improvement are what I wake up thinking about every morning. I work with organizations side-by-side to be better, smarter, and faster by helping them get out of their own way and as a result, positively impact bottom lines. I love making new connections, and discussing strategic solutions for big problems.



  • Nearly 20 years of experience as a strategist and manager with global Fortune 500 companies across multiple disciplines.
  • Over 15 years cross-cultural and cross-functional experience in Asia and the US
  • Expertise stems strategic global negotiations, relationship management, strategy development, change management, and integrated organization development


Key Strengths:

  • Strategic Planning, Continuous Improvement, Supply Strategy, and Training
  • Problem Solving, Resilience, Networking and Team Development
  • Negotiation Skills, SAP, Microsoft Suite, Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing
  • Proficient in conversational Mandarin (HSK Level II)



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Spaces limited, please kindly RSVP

& prepay to reserve your space, thank you

位置有限, 请务必提前预约和支付以确保您的位置, 谢谢


Josephine   187 2120 6452   (Eng/中)

WeChat 微信: jo-shantih-shala


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Venue: Zoo Coffee cafe, SOHO Fuxing Plaza, 388 Madang Lu, near Hefei Lu.
Metro line 10 Xintiandi station, exit 4. 马当路388号, 近合肥路
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Exchange: ¥250/pax/workshop, ¥450/pax/2 workshops

Student concession: ¥180/pax/workshop, ¥350/pax/2 workshops


Notes: Please bring along a notebook, pen and an open mind!  😉



Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to learn and empower yourself with useful tools not just professionally but also personally!

No experience needed, just an open mind and the intention to learn!


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Jo heals Bob77


Thank you everyone for giving meaning to what I do and reminding me of my purpose in this lifetime! Deeply humbled and ever so grateful to be working with so many beautiful spirits in various ways…

感恩和感谢大家对我的支持, 谢谢你们为我的工作带来意义!

Some memories so far 一些回忆:



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Founded by Josephine Ong, Shantih Shala Holistic Arts is an open platform promoting wellness and celebrating the potential of human spirit plus all things esoteric.

We explore and experiment the art of Energy/Reiki and Sound Healing, Crystal Balancing, Psychic Surgery, Counseling, Shamanism, Intuitive Bodywork, Meditation, Chanting, Music, Art, Dance and Yoga Therapy.

Private sessions, group classes, intensive courses, workshops and training programmes take the form of Sound Journey sessions, Healing Circles, Sound/Breath/Movement classes, and various Meditation classes. Retreats and customized programmes are also available for private groups upon request.


由 Josephine Ong(中文名:⺩若男)创建的 “Shantih Shala ~ 整体的艺术” 工作室,作 为一个开放平台,旨在促进身心健康与平衡,以及颂扬人类精神的潜能和一切充满奥义的事 物。我们探索并尝试诸多的授课与艺术形式,包括能量/灵气与声音疗愈、水晶治疗、心理 疗愈、身心健康咨询与治疗、萨满疗愈、冥想、唱诵、音乐、艺术、舞蹈和瑜伽理疗。



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We warmly welcome you to the

Shantih Shala Healing Getaway

1~7/10/2017 泰国静心之旅

@ Shima Healing

Koh Yao Noi, Thailand


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Link: https://shantihshalaholisticarts.com/2017/05/14/shantih-shala-healing-getaway/

Photos & flyer design: NickFallon88 (WeChat)


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Contact us for the Early Bird Offer & Bring A Friend Offer!


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Shantih Shala Holistic Arts’

Private Sessions 私人定制个案

Link: https://shantihshalaholisticarts.com/2015/12/07/shantih-shala-private-sessions/


Spiritual awakening? Feeling stuck, fearful and doubtful? Past wounds? Restlessness? Or just simply needing a deep, grounding relaxation and an emphatic ear? Perhaps these could assist you in gaining insights and kick-start your inner self-healing process.

灵性觉醒? 恐惧、迷惑、犹豫? 被过去绑定? 烦躁不安? 或许你只需要彻底落地、深沉的放松和毫无偏见的倾听? 更多详情感言请点击以下链接. 联系我们资讯详情和一些特别优惠吧! 期待与你合作!


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Shantih Shala Holistic Arts’

Private Sessions 私人定制个案

Link: https://shantihshalaholisticarts.com/2015/12/07/shantih-shala-private-sessions/



Energy Healing 能量疗愈
Sound Healing 音乐疗愈
Crystal Healing 水晶疗愈
Regression Journey 回归旅程
Yoga Therapy 瑜伽疗愈
Intuitive Bodywork 直觉体语
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  • All sessions include counseling before and after treatment所有个案包含前后心理疏导
  • All passes include one complimentary 20-min Sound OR Chakra Healing session 套餐优惠包含一份免费20分钟声音或脉轮疗愈
  • Please contact us for more info 请联系我们咨询详情

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Special deals: Bring A Friend Offer,

Couples/parent & child Offer

also available


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SS vouchers @ wht room.png

Help someone who may need some healing or support; we offer vouchers/gifts of love and care




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Memories 回忆:

Healing Circles, Meditations, Workshops, Retreats,

special corporate events & more

@ Shantih Shala Holistic Arts


So many magical moments captured, such infinite connection discovered and profound healing shared… no amount of words can describe this bliss and gratitude!

Always deeply humbled and ever so grateful to be working with so many beautiful spirits in various ways… Thank you everyone for giving meaning to what I do and reminding me of my purpose in this lifetime!

Namaste, Josephine

Link: https://shantihshalaholisticarts.com/2015/12/13/recent-memories-feedback/


Photo credit: NickFallon88 (WeChat)


* * * Private Yoga Therapy sessions 私人瑜伽疗愈课程  * * *

* * * Private Energy Healing sessions 私人能量治疗 * * *

* * * Circuit Training (private or small group) 循环训练(私人或小组) * * *

* * * Private group workshops or corporate training 小团体、企业培训和工作坊  * * *




Email: shantihshala@gmail.com

China: +86 187 2120 6452 England: +44 7851 625 231

Japan:    +81 (0) 9085 638 245 Russia: +79 166 419 548

Facebook: Josephine Ong Yoke Nunn

Facebook: Shantih Shala Holistic Arts

Skype: Shantih Shala WeChat

WeChat 微信:jo-shantih-shala


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